• Our Process
    • Five Star Windows, Inc. sets itself apart from other companies by our attention to detail. Below you can learn more about our step-by-step process and what it means to install windows the "Five Star Way".
    • Before We Begin
      Before we even set foot on the job, you can feel secure that we’re putting a quality, well-trained crew onsite. We are only one of a few companies in the western United States where every single one of our crew foremen are trained and certified as Installation Masters through the AAMA. That training covers installation methods and best practices as well as job site safety, protection of homeowner property, proper material selection, product care, adjustment and cleaning and quality control.
      A certified Installation Master will visit your jobsite to measure the windows exactly because every single one will be custom built to 1/8th inch so that they fit into your home perfectly. After that, your windows will be custom made at the factory and ready to be shipped!
      Begin the installation
      Once your windows arrive the Friday before your job starts, we will go check them thoroughly to make sure that they meet our standards before they ever reach your home.
      Retrofit Installation
      We are very different from most companies. Most companies use cheep unskilled labor for retrofit installation, we feel that no matter how simple a installation might seem so many things can come up during the installation process that the only way to do something is to do it right and with the properly trained staff. At 5 Star, we refuse to compromise quality to save a few dollars. The first step is to carefully remove the operating panel of the window, not damaging the interior or the home, and removing the vertical bar that divides the stationary panel of the window from the operating one.
      Retrofit Installation
      Then carefully sealing the window to the existing metal frame and to the exterior wall. One of the key points missed in the water proofing process is that you must leave sections at the bottom free of sealant to allow for water to properly drain out of the bottom of the window. While this a very time consuming process often skipped by poorly trained installers, this is one of the most important steps in keeping mold out of your home.
      New Construction Installation
      We will completely remove your old window and install it just like we would for a new home – for a perfect installation. This is a much more secure and safe window to have in your home. After the old trim is removed, or the stucco chiseled back, we will remove your old window right down to the studs of your home. Yes, it’s a little more expensive to do it this way, but it’s the ONLY right way and safe way to protect your home and your family!
      New Construction Installation
      A 5 Star job means a perfect fit on every window in every home. We use a custom jig especially designed for YOUR home so that the drywall can be cut EXACTLY for a perfect fit. Then, it’s time to prepare the opening for the new window. This is a critical step. New vapor barriers are installed around the window and permanently sealed to the existing barrier covering your walls. This is a most important step as it will forever seal out the unwanted moisture and water from causing serious damage to your home and your health in later years. To make double sure that your new 5 Star windows will never ever leak, we use only the expensive 100% silicone to seal your new windows, rather than the cheaper latex caulk used by so many other companies. Now that the opening is ready, your 5 Star window is carefully set in place.
      New Construction Installation
      First, if your home is stucco, we’ll fold back the chicken wire and re-secure it to the house. We’ll then tape off all your windows and cover them with plastic for protection as we repair the stucco. We’ll then apply a base coat around the new windows. After the base coat is dried, texture and finish coats are expertly applied so that when it is done it will match perfectly your existing stucco. Or, if your home is wood, we will replace the wood trim and do a final exterior caulk of your new windows. In the same way that the outside is made to look like new, the inside is carefully trimmed out and caulked as well.