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    • Retrofit vs. New Construction Windows
      When it comes time to consider window installation or window replacement, you will have to decide between retrofit (replacement) windows or new construction windows.

      Retrofit windows have become increasingly popular due to their lower cost and ease of window installation, but like any big decision, it is best to consider all the pros and cons of each option before making a decision.
    • An overview of new construction windows :

      If you opt for new construction windows for your window replacement, then you must completely remove the window frame. In the process, it’s almost impossible not to damage some part of the exterior. Usually the trim or siding will need some repair.
      New construction windows usually have nail fins that are initially flat against the frame. Once the window is in place, the fins are manually pivoted outward perpendicular to the frame.
      New construction windows are also used in window replacement projects, not just new homes. This involves removing the exterior materials to expose the wood studs, and then the new window is installed as it would have been when the home was originally built.
    • An overview of replacement windows :

      Home replacement windows have been developed as a labor and cost cutting alternative. Retrofit windows are installed on top of the original window frame. Since the old frame is left in place, installation is quicker, easier, and less expensive.
      There are two types of replacement windows: flush fin and block frame. Flush fin replacement windows are typically used in California and other markets with aluminum windows in stucco home exteriors. This window comes with an exterior trim already attached. With this method, the original aluminum window frame is left intact and there is little danger of damage to the siding.
    • What are the 4 questions to ask when looking at window installation.
      If you’re planning on having replacement windows installed in your home, then there are a few things that you should discuss with your window installation specialist before, during, and after installation. Asking a lot of questions will ensure that you are well informed about your windows and that you and your replacement window installer are on the same page. Here are a few questions to ask your window installation specialist throughout the installation process.

      1. How long will replacement window installation take?
      Getting a time estimate on the replacement window installation process is a good way to schedule your time commitments around installation. Depending on the type of window, window size, and the installation crew, window installation can take a day or two. Typically, an efficient replacement window installation crew can properly install 10 3x5 foot double-hung replacement windows in a day.

      2. What other services are included in replacement window installation?
      Make sure you know what other services come with window installation, such as debris clean up and landscaping protection. Typically, this is included with the installation fee, but make sure you know before installation begins.

      3. Do you offer any warranties with replacement window installation?
      The best replacement window installation companies offer installation guarantees or warranties. This protects you in the event that installation was done incorrectly. Warranties or guarantees on replacement windows will typically vary among replacement window manufacturers.

      4. How much should I expect to save?
      If you are purchasing replacement windows, then it would be a waste of money to not install energy-efficient replacement window models. These windows will cut down your energy bills substantially. Make sure you ask about energy-efficient models and that your new replacement windows will help decrease your energy costs.
    • These are few things to look for when looking at a window installation company
      Window installation might seem like a relatively easy task, but if you are having window replacement work done on your home, then it is vital that you choose the right company. Faulty window installation can lead to leaky windows, water damage, and larger energy bills from improperly-sealed windows. Not all window companies are made equal, and there are a few things you should look for before hiring a professional to install your windows.

      Proper Training and Certification
      Before you hire a window installation company, check to see what training their technicians have. Window replacement is not a simple job, and if the window isn’t put in properly by an experienced installer, then you could end up with serious water damage or drafty windows. In addition, look for highly regarded AAMA product certification to be sure you are getting a top-notch installation.

      Thorough Installation Process
      A proper window installation should include a number of steps. Ask the installation company whether they prepare the window, if they custom-fit the window replacement, and what they do to ensure a water-tight seal. The more time and effort that is put into replacing the window, the longer it will last without any problems developing.

      Lifetime Guarantee
      If you want to truly be comfortable with your new window replacement, then choose a company that offers a lifetime guarantee on their installation work. It demonstrates that they are confident in their work, and will also protect you against poor workmanship.